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Roo’s Play Cafe: An Indoor Play Space in Davis, CA!

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Davis, CA has numerous parks with outdoor playgrounds for children to play on, but with the extreme summer heat and cold wet winter we experience, what’s a parent to do when the weather is less than perfect?

Right now, Davis residents have relatively few choices when it comes to indoor activities for their toddlers. Unless you have a play date planned with another parent or are willing to drive out of town, chances are your child is stuck at home when the weather does not permit outdoor play — an activity which can become monotonous for both parent and child, especially when it persists for the better part of a season.

But the days of this sordid state of affairs are numbered. Ru Hua Zheng, a mother and resident of the city of Davis, hopes to address this issue by opening a new “play café” in the Fifth Street Plaza of East Davis.

“…My vision for a play café was ignited by the need for a safe, comfortable place for my toddler to play during the unpleasant weather,” Zheng wrote in her permit application, which was approved by the Davis Planning Commission earlier this month. “I am [an] advocate of doing things local. Thus, I hated driving outside the city for such [an] indoor playground.”

The café will occupy a 1,600 square foot space, about half of which will be a kids’ play area, designed to “challenge the body as well as the mind.” The other half will have tables, where parents can sit and socialize or enjoy food and beverages from the café’s diverse and healthy family-friendly menu.

“My goal for the play café is to provide a safe place for kids 0-5 to play while parents relax or socialize with other parents.”

Zheng plans to manage the café herself and employ three baristas to tend to the preparation of food and drinks. Business hours are tentatively set for 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., with play area hours from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Zheng hopes to have the café open in a couple of months.

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